Import of medical equipment

The import of medical equipment into the Russian Federation from Europe, China, and the USA, as well as from the number of other countries, can become the responsibility of Logistic Service. We will complete the task or its specific stages (for example, customs clearance, cargo transportation, certification, and communication with suppliers). You can cooperate with us both once and on a regular basis.

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A few words about our work

Logistic Service outsourcing is the best choice for importing medical products.

Our company performs the following steps:

  • discussion of the terms and execution of the contract, the points of which do not change during our cooperation, even in case of unforeseen expenses on our part;

  • looking for profitable and reliable sellers of the necessary equipment in the right location abroad;

  • creation of an optimal logistics plan and regulation of all nuances of transportation and storage of purchased equipment;

  • assistance in classification names of Commodity Classification of Foreign-Economic Activity;

  • implementation of the customs clearance procedure;

  • assessment of all risks, indexation of VAT taxes, duties, and fees.

In addition, we take upon verification of the correctness of certificates issued for equipment.

Information on the import of medical equipment into the Russian Federation

Here are several nuances of Russian legislation:

  • The import of medical equipment is allowed only for those names that are specified in the Register. If the required equipment is not listed in the Register, tests will be carried out within 30 days. After this, all the necessary names will be registered in the Department of State Control under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • Regardless of the procurement motive (sale, operation, etc.), imported equipment is taken into account at the actual cost. The exact price will be on invoice 15 (MC purchase for sale) or 08 (purchase for production purposes). The recalculation of the value from a specific currency to rubles is carried out at the Central Bank rate on the day the transaction is concluded.

The import of medical equipment into the Russian Federation requires payment of three taxes. Those include VAT, 5-10% of the duty, a fee for storage in stock, escort and clearance of cargo in accordance with prices in the Customs Tariff of the Russian Federation.

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