International container transportation

This is an ideal option for those customers who need to deliver large loads of prefabricated, liquid, loose, and other products. We offer transportation to various destinations: Europe, China, and several other countries. Taking into account all the wishes of our customers, the employees of LOGISTIC SERVICE create the most convenient route in terms of time and price.

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Advantages of container cargo delivery

Our customers often highlight such advantages of container transportation of goods between countries, as:

  • delivery reliability: our customers receive their cargo in its original form and fully safe, as transportation is completely safe;
  • agreements stability: we stick to the specified terms and conditions of the contract, so the batch of goods promptly and in a timely manner comes to the delivery place;
  • reasonable prices: it's possible to send cargo as a part of the groupage cargo, which reduces the cost significantly.

  • We will ensure that cargo of any weight and volume is transported to any desired destination.

What we can do for you

We help with the following transportation stages:

  • loading and unloading of goods in containers by means of special equipment and transport;
  • cargo sealing before shipment;
  • delivery of the container to the port or to the railway station;
  • documentation processing;
  • transportation and completion of all necessary inspections.

  • Upon the arrival of your goods, we will notify you of the delivery to the place of reception.

What do we use for transportation?

Depending on the type of cargo, different containers are used:

  • 20- and 40-foot containers are the most popular method;
  • refrigeration containers are used mainly for quickly deteriorating goods that require a certain temperature;
  • containers for liquid products;
  • OPEN TOP containers, where the tarpaulin can be pulled if necessary.

To order shipping in a container, you should call us or make a call request from our employee. Besides, you can write an email, if it's more convenient for you. You will be able to clarify all the details, wishes, and conditions of the delivery with our manager. Together, you will create an optimal scheme, and think through all the stages of transportation.

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