International transportation

International shipping

The main direction of LOGISTIC SERVICE is the organization of international cargo shipping. We are responsible for all transportation stages. Our company provides the following services:

  • transportation of goods from anywhere in the world and shipping by railway, aircraft, vehicles and seagoing vessels;
  • multimodal transportation (several types of transportation are used);
  • prefabricated freight shipping: pooling consignments from several customers to save money, which helps not to spend too much, as there is no need for paying for ordering a separate vehicle or container.

Delivery type

We use different types of vehicles for transportation. Those are the following:

If there is a need, you can calculate a convenient multimodal scheme for freight shipping by cost and time.

  • Air transportation.

    Delivery of cargo from one continent to another. There are no customs delays in intermediary countries. This is the fastest and safest kind of transportation.
  • Maritime communication.

    This is a little bit slower but a more affordable transportation type for shipping various goods between continents. It can be called the ideal option for those who want to save money.
  • Motor transport.

    This is international transportation to Moscow and some other cities in Europe and Asia.
  • Railway transportation.

    Fast transportation across the continent through developed rail networks and rigorous train schedules.

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