FEA outsourcing

FEA outsourcing

It's often unprofitable to hire a large staff to do logistics work. Foreign economic activity is always a risk. Logistic Service provides a list of outsourcing services. We will take upon all foreign economic processes for you.

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Let's have a look at our responsibilities:

We will deliver your goods to the right place with all the accompanying documents and permission to operate.

  • We will deal with all stages of work, so the client does not need to hire a team of logistics professionals and control them or explore the nuances of buying, customs clearance, and transporting goods.
  • We will help to choose an importer and arrange delivery. Foreign trade outsourcing is performed in Europe, the USA, China, and other states.
  • We will prepare all the permitting documents, licenses, and transportation certificates.
  • We will do everything within specified time limits at a favorable price.
  • We will calculate the full price of transportation, taking into account all possible expenses.
  • We will not make any changes to the total price after the contract approval. In the case of increased costs in the process of work, we will take over the expenses.
  • We will pass the customs clearance. This includes drawing up documentation, cost calculation, and paying duty and taxes.
  • We will place the goods in a warehouse, taking into account all the necessary conditions.

Here are what we can do for you:

We bring delivery to the recipient, as well as all documents (accounting, technical, and other accompanying papers).

  • we search for trusted sellers of tools, elevators and escalators, machines, building materials, and other equipment
  • we draw up and carefully check the foreign trade agreements, taking into account all the nuances of the changing legislation of both countries (import and export);
  • we prepare all the necessary documents accompanying goods; besides, we check whether the cargo quality corresponds to those documents;
  • we arrange the cargo escort, guiding it through customs clearance;
  • we guarantee safe delivery, so you can be sure nothing will be damaged or broken;
  • we obtain all necessary licenses and certificates.

Advantages of foreign trade outsourcing from China or other states

Our customers receive their goods without any additional costs and delays. So, after receiving they can freely sell and operate goods in their country.

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