Import of oil and gas equipment

The purchase and transportation of equipment from abroad can be associated with various nuances and risks, which can be minimized by contacting trusted specialists for the import of oil and gas equipment. At Logistic Service, we provide assistance in the organization of foreign trade outsourcing processes and carry out the most optimal financially profitable transportation of the desired products. Our customers can use a one-time service or conclude a contract for regular work.

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A few words about the work of our company

Outsourcing of the import of oil and gas equipment includes the organization of purchases, deliveries, and customs clearance.

Our tasks include:

  • A thorough analysis of information and development of a logistics plan;
  • execution of contracts for the import of oil and gas products into the Russian Federation;
  • identification of equipment that is purchased abroad (by Commodity Classification of Foreign-Economic Activity);
  • management and control of risks, customs fees, and duties, as well as VAT indexation;
  • checking whether the required oil and gas product certificates are correctly issued for certification.

We will consult our customers on all issues related to foreign trade outsourcing.

A few words about the import of oil and gas equipment

Russian Federation market is one of the most promising, taking into account the import of various types of equipment used in the oil and gas industry. Actual products for the import of oil and gas equipment are drilling mechanisms, compressors, pumps, rocking machines, heat exchangers, dehydrators, and other equipment.

Besides, durable equipment for use in hostile environments (speaking about the high content of hydrogen sulfide or very low temperatures) is among the highest priority products. We have extensive experience in import services outsourcing. Besides, a wide network of our representatives in China, the USA, and European countries will make it possible for our customers to save as much as possible on the purchase, transportation and customs clearance.

What are the benefits of Logistic Service?

Our company accepts all risks associated with the import of oil and gas equipment, so the price fixed in the contract is guaranteed not to change even in the case of unforeseen expenses on our part. Each transaction is performed according to the current legislation of Russia, so you can be sure it's legally safe. We provide expert assistance, prompt resolution of all issues, and offer different options for cooperation.

It's easy to outsource the import of oil and gas equipment to our employees. All you have to do is call us, make a callback request or write to our e-mail.

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