Shipping from China with containers

Many businessmen are interested in importing goods from China, as this is a nice opportunity to get products of good quality for a small sum of money. Usually, transportation is required for heavy, valuable or dimensional goods. So, if you are facing the need for transporting any of those, delivery from China is the optimal choice. We are ready to perform a complex of transportation works for our customers. We will prepare all the documents, create a route, register cargo, book a place in the most suitable transport ( according to the customer's requests).

To deliver goods to Russia from China independently, you need a team of trusted employees. Understandably, it requires additional costs. Transferring the entire task or some of its stages to external specialists, for example, the LOGISTIC SERVICE workers, will cost you less, as our company is always aware of all relevant laws and regulations.

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What we can do for you

So, let's have a look at how we can help our clients:

  • we load and unload products;
  • we seal goods for their safe and secure storage;
  • we fill in and prepare all the necessary documentation for transportation;
  • we transport the cargo and pass all verification procedures;
  • we notify you of delivery to the destination.

  • We successfully cooperate with large and small businesses, as we are aware of the smallest nuances of international transportation.

Other China container shipping services

Our company is also responsible for the following:

  • assistance with customs clearance and insurance of goods;
  • packing and storage of cargo in warehouses;
  • certification of products taking into account current rules.

  • Upon the arrival of the batch, the supplier will check its condition. After this, we pay for the services.

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