International shipping by sea

Delivery by water is an ideal choice for different cargo types. It's possible to ship standard, non-heavy, heavy, large, small, dangerous, valuable, and protected goods. Regime goods that require special conditions can also be transported by sea.

With our help, you will be able to transport different cargos of any weight and volume at reasonable prices, using a convenient and profitable delivery scheme.

In addition, our company can help you to ship prefabricated cargo with the weight starting from 300 kg. It's possible to combine loads from multiple customers and send them together. It's beneficial for customers, as they don't have to pay for a separate container. One only pays for a place inside of the container. Besides, we offer optimal tariffs that are much lower than prices for road and air shipping.

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Cargo transportation by sea stages

We are responsible for the following:

  • We choose the most convenient route, taking into account the wishes of our customers. We can make multimodal delivery, adding additional modes of transport for timely delivery to the address.
  • We place the cargo in the container and arrange loading on board. When the ship arrives, we unload the goods, then loading it onto the car (truck, etc.). We also track the cargo at each stage of its way.
  • We arrange insurance, all necessary documents, and certificates. We carry out port registration, provide security, escort, and freight forwarding services.

Our company cooperates with major ports and shipping lines. It is possible to transport products across the country, abroad and from abroad, as well as between continents. The main areas are Africa, America, the USA, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Benefits of international shipping by sea

We offer our customers many shipping opportunities, including:

  • delivery of all types of technical and commercial cargo;
  • transportation of goods in bulk - we offer 20, 40 and 45-feet containers;
  • profitable long-distance transportation;
  • cargo safety during the way.

  • We organize transportation between countries and continents, providing a full range of services.

Here are the available methods:

  1. FCL - loading the container with cargo from one supplier;

  2. LCL - loading a small batch from one customer as part of a prefabricated load.

  3. It is also possible to order transportation according to the FOB model, which means quick delivery directly to the receiving port using multimodal transportation (EXW).

Our containers

What containers do we use for transportation?

  • 20-40-feet containers;
  • refrigeration containers for products that deteriorate quickly and require certain temperature conditions;
  • containers for liquids;
  • OPEN TOP containers with doors opening from above (you can use the tarpaulin instead of doors).

  • Having consulted the manager, you can select a container to suit all your individual needs.

Our responsibilities

Our employees are responsible for the following:

  • picking up your cargo from the supplier;
  • customs clearance;
  • preparation of documentation accompanying your goods;
  • delivery to the customer.

The price per order is calculated individually, depending on the following:

  • length of the way;
  • cargo features (whether additional protection is required (if there are any fragile objects or dangerous substances), how much space is needed (either lots large or small).

  • If necessary, additional services can be offered, including forwarding, storage, and insurance.

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