Groupage goods customs clearance

Transportation organizations often prefer to transport small items in small batches of groupage cargo. It may seem that this process is quite easy, but it's not. In fact, workers need to make significant efforts and use all their experience for proper customs clearance of groupage goods. This is explained by the fact that any dispatch has an HS code, as well as permit certificates, and other accompanying documentation.

Understandably, entrepreneurs want to finish all this troublesome work as quickly as possible, and this approach can lead to mistakes and inaccuracies. There are many cases when, due to mistakes caused by haste, customs officers refused to pass goods or took fines for administrative violations. The simplest, logical, and profitable solution is to delegate this task (or its separate parts) to Logistic Service specialists who have been engaged in professional customs clearance of groupage goods for many years.

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Documentation for customs clearance of prefabricated cargo includes:

  • customs declaration;
  • permitting documents;
  • accompanying documentation;
  • receipts on payment of taxes and duties.

You will also need documents for the transport used for shipping.


Let’s have a look at what we can take upon to make all the processes easier for you:

  1. Acceptance of imported goods, their registration, and completion of declarations.

  2. Assigning HS codes to the senders, taking into account the peculiarities of each item transported.

  3. Calculation of the amount of all payments based on the exchange rate.

  4. Monitoring and control of all payments at customs.

  5. Resolving all possible problems that may appear in the process and monitoring inspection progress.

  6. Checking transport compliance with current standards.

Customs clearance of groupage goods usually lasts no more than a day (since the declaration was filled). This period may increase if there will be a need for additional customs checks.

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