International air transportation

We will help you to organize optimal air transportation taking into account all the wishes and needs of our client. You can ship your items on the nearest flight to get it as quickly as possible. We guarantee accurate deadlines without any delays and prompt delivery.

In addition, it is possible to choose a flight a few days before the required date. This will help the customer to cut costs by half.

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Let's have a look at what we can offer:

  • Fast delivery of medium-sized goods. Weight limits are from 1kg to 1tn. With our special tariff, you can order international transportation of goods of various types. Light, heavy or dangerous goods are accepted.
  • Efficient shipping of equipment and goods from states that do not have a road connection with the Russian Federation (for example, the USA or Australia). Unlike maritime traffic, this delivery is as fast as possible.
  • Clear deadlines for cargo delivery and logistics process organization are possible because we follow a clear schedule of flights.

If there is no airport in the cargo collection city, the company will arrange transportation to the nearest airport and organize the departure of your cargo by a suitable route.

Customers who value prompt delivery choose international aviation transportation. This is the best option for transporting equipment and spare parts, tools, machines, as well as various large-sized items. It is possible to develop an individual aircraft transport scheme or use multimodal transport directly to the point of delivery. We will calculate the price and choose the most suitable tariff for you.

Air shipping advantages

Let's clarify why delivery by plane is worth choosing:

  • Urgent delivery between countries;
  • low cost and low customs clearance costs, as cargo does not cross the land borders of the intermediary countries;
  • transportation between continents.

Our company is responsible for the following:

  • aviation company and transport selection. We pay attention to all the necessary parameters for cargo delivery;
  • organization of the delivery directly to the destination; reception, and unloading of goods at the place of air transport arrival;
  • cargo customs clearance procedure;
  • delivery to the customer.

International air traffic can be included in multimodal transportation in order to speed up the delivery process.

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