Customs clearance of dangerous goods

A large number of companies have already faced the need to import hazardous materials or substances into the Russian Federation. Transportation of such materials requires a special approach. It is essential to take into account all the possible features of the goods transported at customs clearance. To complete the customs clearance procedure easily and quickly, one should be aware of all the nuances and rules of continuously changing legislation. If you don't want to do it by yourself, you can simply transfer all the responsibilities to experienced professionals from Logistic Service.

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Let's clarify which goods are considered dangerous:

  • flammable and explosive materials and substances;
  • pressurized and liquefied gases;
  • highly flammable fuel (including kerosene/ gasoline, paint, and varnish);
  • fire hazardous materials or liquids;
  • oxidizing substances that pose a risk of ignition when in contact with other materials or liquids;
  • toxic materials;
  • substances that pose an increased radiation threat;
  • caustic chemical liquids, materials, and other products.

To carry out customs clearance of any of the nine classes of dangerous goods, one must follow a number of requirements. Special attention should be paid to class 9, which includes products polluting the atmosphere, GMOs, lithium accumulators, and batteries. One should remember that there may be different problems even during ordinary consumer goods transportation.

We carry out the following tasks:

  • Preparation of a declaration and all the accompanying documentation. This is an important stage since all the features of an individual order are taken into account, including goods type, business type, transportation method, and other factors.
  • Registration of the foreign economic activity participating company with the customs authority.
  • Calculation of finance (customs duties).
  • Completion of the customs clearance procedure. This process is rather a difficult one, as customs checks the documents, examines the cargo, clarifies whether the documentation meets the requirements, assesses the state of transport, and the correctness of packaging, as well as the conditions of transportation. Independent experts may be involved in the process.
  • Payment of customs duties.

To order customs clearance of dangerous cargo, just call us, leave a request for a callback, or write an email. We will gladly discuss each customer's wishes, create an optimal action plan, and implement each of the transportation stages. Cooperating with us, you can be sure that the price indicated in the contract will remain the same. Even if we face any unforeseen expenses in the process of work, it won't influence you at all.

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