International rail transportation

Our company can organize the entire delivery process by railway for you. We will load and secure your cargo in the container (the average is 3-5 tons, and the large is 20-40 feet). Transportation price is low, there are no restrictions on dimensions and parameters.

To transport medium-sized cargo, you can choose a container with an open or closed top, unusual height, or width. Containers on a special platform are available as well. We offer unloading, full control of your cargo on the way, and help with document preparation.

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Here are the main features of this type of transportation:

  • It’s used for delivery of oversized, large, and heavy cargo.
  • It’s convenient, taking into account cost-effective rates.
  • It’s ideal for the customer who doesn't care about the urgency of delivery.
  • It’s a weather-independent transportation.

To deliver heavy and large goods from abroad, including equipment, machines, building materials, and tools, as well as furniture items, we organize international railway transportation. This is the best option for delivery from Eurasia. Railway transportation can be included in the multimodal chain. This will help to make delivery even cheaper and faster.

Rail transportation benefits

Railway transportation has numerous advantages. Here are they:

  • the price is lower than shipping by air;
  • new fastening systems make railway transportation the most reliable type of delivery of fragile cargo;
  • available transit zone crossing conditions.

Due to an accurate schedule of wagons departure, we create strict plans for the regular transportation of our customers' goods.

What can we do for you?

We are responsible for all stages of transportation, including:

  • correct formalization of all documents accompanying the goods;
  • organization of prompt customs passage;
  • loading of products;
  • tracking your cargo online.

Our partnership with Russian Railways and several well-known railway companies of Eurasia makes it possible to provide our customers with the most optimal logistics solutions, speaking about finance and timing.

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