Import of escalators and elevators

The main use of escalators is an installation in large shopping centers, industrial complexes, as well as in factories. Their advantages include high efficiency and accessibility when moving around the building, as well as great savings in employee time. The Russian market has escalators from both domestic and world manufacturers.

China is currently considered to be the leader in importing elevator equipment. Elevators and escalators, travelators, and their parts are necessarily subject to customs control and the declaration procedure. You can transfer both these formal tasks and transportation of the elevators themselves to us.

Logistic Service specialists have extensive experience in the field of cargo transportation. Our company is always familiar with the most current changes in the legislation, which allows customers who cooperate with us to minimize their monetary risks. We take the solution of all technical nuances under our responsibility while ensuring high transparency and accuracy of all stages of transportation.

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Escalators we transport

The list of escalators includes:

  • funiculars;
  • elevators;
  • lifts;
  • ship lifting equipment;
  • travelators;
  • landing areas for transport;
  • conveyors;
  • paternosters.

Our company is engaged in the import of a variety of escalators and elevators.

The top features of cooperation with us are the following:

  1. You can call us, write an e-mail or make a callback request. You will then be contacted by our employee, who will answer all questions about cooperation. This person will take into account all of your requirements and conditions.

  2. Our professionals will choose a list of elevator import services (coordination with suppliers, purchase of products, transportation process). They will focus on an individual approach and indicate the price of all procedures.

  3. We will draw up an agreement that will specify the terms of transportation and the price that will not change during our cooperation.

  4. We will purchase all the necessary products (if this is required by the contract and the client didn't do it by himself), issue certificates, and customs documents. After this, we will begin transportation.

Our employees will deliver your cargo to the territory of Russia. If there is a need, they will place it in a warehouse with suitable conditions of detention. If the door-to-door delivery is ordered, we will send the products directly to the address.

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