Customs cargo clearance

The procedure of customs clearance when importing goods into the country is mandatory. It is needed to legalize the shipment of goods delivered to the country. This process confirms that all the goods in the territory of the state are legal, which allows free operation, transfer, and sale of those goods. In addition to tax collection and duty, customs clearance also includes the correct execution of declarations and contracts.

Customs clearance is required for imported goods of any group. This procedure consists of several stages. Each of them has its own peculiarities and nuances. Sometimes it happens that different cargo batches require filling in specific documentation and their duty differs. So every time you go through the customs clearance process, it may differ greatly from your previous experience. Any minor mistake may lead to a fine or delay, so your goods may spend more time at customs than you expected. Most entrepreneurs consider customs clearance the most difficult process in transporting cargo, so they choose specialists to help them to go through this process.

Experienced professionals working in Logistic Service have been engaged in customs clearance of cargo for more than ten years. Our experience makes it easy for us to carry out customs clearance of almost any cargo types. This includes various types of equipment: medical and pharmaceutical, laboratory and measuring, fire and technical, industrial, telecommunications, and more. We conduct all procedures qualitatively and promptly, so we guarantee that the cargo will be delivered to the client just in time and without any problems with the law.

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A list of documents needed to carry out customs clearance includes the following:

  1. An invoice.

  2. Specifications.

  3. Packing list with translation.

  4. Consignment.

  5. Deal passport.

  6. Contract with all necessary attachments.

  7. Cargo certificates.

Cargo inspection and registration are carried out on the basis of documents submitted by the client. In addition, the procedure of customs clearance is not free, as you will have to pay VAT, various duties, excise duty, and other fees.

How much does customs clearance cost

The final price is formed based on the number of conditions and requirements for the documentation preparation. It depends on the current restrictions, monetary fees, the seller's and customer's locations, cargo type and purpose, its quantity, customs regime, and other factors.

What can be the customs regime:

  • Main (transit, import, or export of goods).
  • Economic (different processing types).
  • Final (re-export or re-import).

Customs clearance time

If the customs declaration and other necessary documentation are correctly completed and submitted, the average clearance period will take 3-5 days. But if an entrepreneur has decided to go through the customs clearance process on his own with no experience in interacting with customs officers or customs permits, this person may face financial disagreements between the importer and exporter. It's also possible to make a mistake in the documents submitted to customs officers. Because of these factors, deadlines can increase significantly.

We can do a lot for you

The customs clearance we carry out consists of several steps. These steps are very important, as they can influence the client's cargo and his business. We are ready to take over the full procedure or its partial stages, depending on our client's wishes and needs:

  1. We declare equipment and goods in advance.

  2. We prepare and register declarations.

  3. We check the completeness and correctness of the information in our client's documents.

  4. We check passports, contracts, customs bills, and many other documents related to payment.

  5. We pay taxes and payments on behalf of the customer.

Then we go through customs clearance and cargo release.

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