What tasks do we solve?

  • Integrated international logistics

  • International cargo transportation

  • Door-to-door logistics

  • Importer/exporter services

  • Certification

  • Customs clearance

  • Logistics audit of large enterprises

How do we work?

You tell us WHAT and FROM WHERE you need to transport, and we take upon the solution of all tasks, including transportation, customs clearance, insurance, preparation of permits. So we execute your order, and you receive finished goods. If you wish, you can track the entire path of your order and get operational information about each stage of the task.

What to do if you know what you need, but haven't decided on a supplier?

We are ready to offer you our trusted partners, with whom we have been maintaining profitable relations for more than a year. We can also help you to establish contact with a new supplier.

Our benefits
are obvious

  • We respect your time and appreciate ours.
  • We expand our capabilities, so there are no "dead ends" situations for us, there are always some solutions options.
  • We monitor not only legislation changes, but also the foreign economic and geopolitical position of our country. This allows us to minimize the risks that may arise while fulfilling your order. Any of our actions will be conditioned by an objective approach to solving the problem. We will do everything possible to fulfill your order efficiently and qualitatively.
  • We guarantee a fixed cost. We take upon all the risks associated with the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances that increase costs. Each of us has been working in the field of logistics for more than 15 years. We became a team in 2005. Since that time we have been successfully working as a unified debugged mechanism.

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