Transportation of liquid products in cisterns

Our company can also ship liquid goods, including petroleum, oils, alcohol, and more. Such goods are delivered in cisterns by means of various transport modes, like aviation, automobile, or railway communication. Transportation of any cargo of this type (both chemicals and food products) requires special transportation and savings conditions. In the case of dangerous goods transportation, any negligence can lead not only to material losses but also to disaster.

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Types of products we transport

To transport the goods safely and correctly, our specialists use knowledge about the physicochemical properties of the substances delivered. We transport 4 categories of goods that differ in the degree of a possible threat, combustion temperature, and other hazards:

  • petroleum products and crude oil: diesel, kerosene, bitumen, and others;
  • chemical products, including alkalis, acids, liquid rubber, and others;
  • liquefied gases, including propane, butane, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide;
  • food products, like ingredients or ready liquid products.

  • LOGISTIC SERVICE makes it possible to deliver different types of liquid goods.

Delivery methods

Different shipping methods can be used, including:

  • transportation by water is an ideal variant for oversized cargo transportation over long distances;
  • transportation by air is used to deliver products and reagents that are needed in medicine;
  • railway transportation is used for bulk cargo;
  • motor transport is the optimal way to deliver bulk cargos by land. It is convenient both for long transportation around the country and for short transportation around the city.

  • Tank-containers are included in multimodal transportation. Such containers do not require cargo transfer when changing the mode of transport.

What do we use for transportation?

We decide what to use for liquids transportation based on its characteristics. We use the following types of cisterns:

  • normal cisterns are used for goods without temperature requirements (at positive temperature);
  • insulated ones will help to keep the temperature 24 hours since the loading. They are used to transport perishable products;
  • cisterns with a steam jacket are good if it is necessary to heat the cargo with hot steam, since low temperatures may complicate unloading (this option is suitable for viscous, freezing products);
  • cisterns with independent heating maintain the required temperature conditions throughout the entire transportation route;
  • cisterns for dangerous goods are used for different types of hazardous products (ADR 1-9).

  • Due to the correct container selection, transportation with our company is safe and reliable.

Transportation routes

In LOGISTIC SERVICE we transport liquid goods in cisterns in many different directions:

  • from Western Europe - Germany, France, and Italy;
  • from Central Europe - Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, and Romania;
  • from Baltic and Scandinavian countries - Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway;
  • from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

  • There is also CIS delivery and within the city delivery.

Shipping cost

Now, let's have a look at what affects the price of an individual order:

  • length of the road, weather conditions;
  • cargo type, weight, and value;
  • transportation time.

  • Additional requirements and customer wishes for delivery terms are also included in the total amount of money you'll have to pay.

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