Customs cargo certification

When transporting goods abroad, there is often a need to obtain certificates, documents on the compliance of transported products with sanitary and epidemiological standards, and a list of other papers.

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Our employees will help you to prepare the following:

  • Certificates of state registration of products. This documentation will confirm that the cargo has passed the process of state registration and meets all the required standards.
  • Compliance certificates. Those are necessary to attest to the compliance of products with the norms and provisions of standards and technical regulations.
  • Refusal letter. Such documentation is required if there is a need to confirm the non-conformity of goods with mandatory certification.
  • Assistance in issuing licenses, expert opinions, test reports, and other documents.

Turnkey product certification

We provide assistance in turnkey certification of various types of cargo, from consumer goods and food products to technical equipment and special equipment.

Our employees will help to prepare all documentation for the declaration and certification processes. They will quickly receive answers from the official bodies that control these processes. Our company will prepare the entire documentation package within 14 days for the maximum benefit of our customers.

Certificates for hazardous products

To certify such cargoes, a lot of documentation must be issued. Our professionals, as well as our partners from certification and declaration bodies, will help to solve this task in a short time.

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