Foreign trade import and export agent

The international economic activity requires knowledge and the ability to work with logistics, foreign economic activity. Besides, such a person should understand customs legislation, being a professional in lots of other areas. Inexperienced entrepreneurs may face various problems when transporting goods to another country.

Logistic Service offers customers an opportunity to use a package of foreign trade services. Call us or leave a request if you are looking for a prompt and profitable cargo purchase in another state and its subsequent delivery.

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Responsibilities of our foreign trade agent

The foreign trade agent assumes full responsibility for your cargo. The agent will fully plan the process of delivery from the supplier's country to the recipient's address. We adhere to all the nuances of tax and customs legislation.

Import and export transactions organization includes the following:

  • careful execution of the goods delivery contract, agreement with foreign suppliers of goods, discussion of the draft contract in the language required;
  • preparation of a package of documentation for the delivery of the products; coordination with customs;
  • obtaining permitting certificates, and other documents for the imported goods;
  • transaction passport registration, payment for the goods to the seller in the relevant currency;
  • going through all stages of transportation, including transportation itself, registration of goods for export, customs processes, a shipment of goods to the receiving country;
  • storage of cargo in a warehouse, taking into account all the required conditions, door-to-door delivery, cargo transportation to the Russian Federation;
  • insurance, which is always issued easily and on preferential terms.

Using the foreign trade agent service, you may not worry about registering a company as a foreign trade participant. Besides, you will not need to open special foreign exchange accounts to pay for goods, as well as to conclude a foreign trade contract and search for suitable warehouses for intermediate storage of goods. You won't have to look for convenient services from international transporters, and cargo insurance. Also, you won't have to issue documentation on customs clearance independently and control other stages of the transaction.

Is our company trustworthy?

We will be fully responsible for the safety of your goods during transportation. We adhere to all rules of transport, tax, and customs legislation. We will provide optimal working conditions, deal with the processing of all customs and insurance documents, trying to minimize risks and financial expenses of our customers. In addition, we cooperate only with experienced and trusted foreign trade specialists.

If you want to consult about the foreign trade outsourcing service, all you have to do is call us, use the callback option or write an email.

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